Talking Body Listening Hands – The seminar

How we communicate with our clients is just as important as any neuromuscular technique. When we forget to clarify our actions or assume that clients understand our intent, we can set ourselves up for real misunderstanding, grief and awkwardness.

Are you:

  • Feeling triggered or confused by clients?
  • Challenged or frustrated by puzzling client behaviour?
  • Interested in the Massage Therapeutic Relationship?
  • Want to know more about how to communicate successfully?

In the Talking Body Listening Hands new seminar series: Working In The Grey Zone, Pam Fitch teaches essential communication and listening skills to assist therapists in gently establishing healthy clinical boundaries.

Talking Body Listening Hands describes the therapeutic relationship conceptually and experientially, articulating the principle issues that therapists face as well as exploring the realities of the client's experience. Key terms, case stories, practical suggestions for solving therapeutic dilemmas, role-plays and suggested discussion points for teachers are included in each chapter to ensure comprehension.

Participants are encouraged to bring their case questions to the workshop and process with small and large groups, the problems that they have faced in practice. Talking Body Listening Hands is designed to assist therapists in understanding their role as communicators and facilitators of therapeutic change. It helps therapists to understand what the most ethical and therapeutically safe response may be in a number of clinical situations.

Therapists learn about the underpinnings and purpose of informed consent and ethical decision-making. Basic impairments for a number of psychological disorders are presented and the implications of these issues for massage therapists are discussed.


RMT Business and Ethics Forum

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Kitchener, ON: Jun 20, 2020.
8am - 3:45pm

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Pam Fitch introduces her book Talking Body, Listening Hands: A Guide to Professionalism, Communication and the Therapeutic Relationship.