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Talking Body, Listening Hands: A Guide to Professionalism, Communication and the Therapeutic Relationship

A practical guide to improving therapist-client communication.

Talking Body, Listening Hands: A Guide to the Massage Therapeutic Relationship, 1e helps massage therapy educators, students, practitioners, and clients discuss communication and ethical challenges associated with massage therapy practice. The text explores professional responsibilities, communication skills, and interpersonal challenges that massage therapists face day to day, examining the therapeutic relationship from both therapist and client perspectives.

Due to a recent decision by Pearson (US), Talking Body Listening Hands is currently unavailable in textbook format. The 1st edition will soon be available in E-book format and a 2nd edition is under construction and should be ready early in the new year. If you are interested the 1st edition E-book and/or hearing about the launch of the second edition, please click here.

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