Peer coaching and consultation

We don’t always know what to do in every situation. Most professions encourage their members to consult with experienced senior practitioners to help them with difficult or challenging clinical or practice issues.

If you have a professional practice issue, an ethical dilemma or a case that you would like to discuss confidentially, make an appointment to talk to Pam.  She’ll listen, ask questions and help you figure out a strategy that works for you and your practice. Some problems might be solved in one session. Others may take more discussion or reflection.

The first 15 minute call or email exchange is at no charge. All calls  are completely confidential.

  • Phone Coaching (30 minute sessions by appointment only)
  • Email Consultation

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Common Ethical Questions

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Important Notes


Confidentiality is more than a concept. It is the law.

Under the Personal Health Information Privacy Act, (ON 2004; other provinces and states have similar laws) healthcare providers are required to keep cases confidential. The legislation does allow for consultation with peers for the purposes of supporting the client, as long as the identifying information is not shared and the details of the consultation are kept confidential.

When submitting questions or discussing cases, make sure that you keep all identifying information out of the case to protect the confidentiality of your clients. For example, you may discuss the age, gender, condition, occupation of the client but do not include personal identifying information such as name or address or any other specific details that might lead us to identify the individual.

Cancellation fee

If you book a phone consultation with Pam and are unable to attend the session without giving at least 3 hours notice, you will be billed a cancellation fee of $30.